Goals reached!
Hi folks,

Really pleased to be able to announce that with all of your support together we've now pushed past the first two goals I had listed here on Patreon.

The first one, at $5/month, has committed me to assembling two introduction videos. One as a channel intro on YouTube, and another as a Patreon intro video for here.  These will come in the coming weeks as I have to design and plan them, make sure my hair looks acceptable etc ;)

The second goal reached at $10/month leads me to researching or creating a scheduling tool so you all can be kept as informed as possible about both my video publishing plans and also the live streaming I intend to perform. This will follow after the introduction videos, but I'll be doing research and design work already.

Thanks ever so much for all of your support everyone.


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No, seriously. Thanks. I'll be doing this anyway without any donations, so I really appreciate those taking the time to support my work.
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