Goblets, studio and kiln... woots!
Last fall when the weather got cold and the husband was looking the other direction, the wheel ended up in the dining room, again!  

This may have been the final straw, as he looked at clay globbed on the walls and said "you need a place to do this,"  I guess he guessed that this was not going away.

So just this week a studio was purchased, a diy kit thing with lots of natural light and a loft for storage so that my wheel can not be in the middle of the dining area.

Even better, a long time ago aquaintance, the mother of a friend I went to high school with, sold me a huge kiln for an entirely decent price, so guess what?  Time to fire!

This weekend I have managed to create enough to do a bisque fire, now that the correct outlet is in and all systems seem go.

I guess the next post will be about how the house burnt down if things don't go well, but we are thinking positive thoughts about a good bisque firing.  

I hope that you will see potential in this endeavor, because as I look for jobs these days, in the back of my mind is pretty much always "When can I go do some ceramics?"  Which makes me wonder about my career path.

Thanks for following along, much loves,