Tier Benefits
$1 or more per hand-drawn map 1108 patrons
The entry level tier, granting you access to all my content, plus a handy coupon once a month!

  • Access to every map or paid content that I release that you pledge towards
  • Access to all exclusive variants  I post, including the current collection  (e.g. nighttime maps) plus the occasional map from my personal campaign
  • A coupon code once per month, valid for one free $1 map, as a small extra! 
$2 or more per hand-drawn map 110 patrons
Besides my heartfelt thanks for chipping in a little extra, I'll happily credit you in the content you support!

  • The bronze tier's rewards
  • Your name in the credits of my YouTube videos posted during your patronage
  • Your name in my website posts announcing new content that you pledge towards
$5 or more per hand-drawn map 69 patrons
For the particularly invested among you who may want to run great games with custom maps!

  • Both the previous tiers' rewards
  • Access to the source Photoshop files for all the maps you pledge towards. They're easy to edit, and you can use Gimp to do it, which is free! 
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