God Ego

The Master of Reality

Information on God Ego

The God Ego is a tool that is derived from the final four Sephiroth of the tree of life, in terms of the journey of climbing the tree and becoming initiated this tool can been seen as one of the final 3 that can only be properly understood and wielded by the knowledgeable that are starting their cycle of mastery.

The final 4 Sephiroth Binha, Chockmah, Kether and Dath (the hidden) constitute the bridge and structure needed to full commune with the higher planes in a way that can be brought back down to the 3rd dimension. One of the key components of understanding how to operate fully in this energy is the ability to go through what is called ego death (see the ego death article). 

The god-ego is a system of operation that can only be fully understood once a person has been through ego death, I recommend going through this process a number of times before attempting anything in this article.