God Jul! (and happy other holidays!)
The big news is that thanks to your wonderful support we've managed to breach the $50 goal! Thank you! I can't really believe it's real, to be honest... I never really thought I would be able to make it as an author, and yet here we are, literally more than 10 times more successful than I thought I'd be.

So what does the goal entail? Well, it means that it's time for me to put some money into upgrading the website. I'll be putting up some more info on that later, but I want everyone to know that I am working on it and aim to have the new site up in early 2017!

In other news, as previously noted, I will be taking next week (27th) off because of the holiday season. This also means that there will be no sneak preview for you wonderful Patrons this Thursday (22nd), in order to keep things synchronized.

Also, as has been mentioned before, this means there will be no paid post next week so no one will be charged anything (as well they shouldn't, of course).

All right, that's all from me for now. Have a wonderful couple of weeks, holidays or not, and thank you all for reading!