God made the earth in a clear blue sky
This is a sequel poem to "Lions and Ladybirds and an Octopus" It is the same rhyming couplets about many things God has made.

God made the earth in a clear blue sky

God made trees that reach so high

Mountains with snow and rivers to run

God  made the cold and the warmth of the sun

Cattle to graze in fields of deep green

deep ocean depths where no one has been

butterflies floating on warm summer air

soft spring breezes to whisp here and there

Tangly jungles where fierce creatures hide

and slithering monsters with jaws open wide

Desert with sandstorm that funnels and churns

Black prairie clouds with lightening that burns

God made people with beautiful faces

fingers to feel and tie their shoe laces

God has appeared in Jesus his son

He knows us by name, and loves us each one.