"The Goddess" demo
Happy 4th, friends!  Here's our June demo for you, just slightly fashionably late.  I'm really excited about this one - we had fun with double-tracking just about everything (the drums, the vocals, the acoustic guitar, the weird distorted acoustic guitar that sounds like a fuzzy organ), and I love how it came out... Kali and I both feel like it has a real 90s alt-rock feel, which is fine by me.  The lyrics to this one are a bit of a sad, dark imagination trip, inspired by a combination bunch of "missing teen" posters that were around our neighborhood for a while earlier this year (hopefully she was found safe, since all the posters disappeared?) and the vibe of the titular village from the M. Night Shyamalan movie, but the song has enough fun energy to make up for the darkness.

Enjoy, and have a good USA birthday!