Goddess of Moon - Tsukiyomi (Term 6)
Hello guys! As I told you before I went to a beautiful trip across Japan in May. Beside my painting of Amaterasu (Goddess of sun) I wanted to draw

the other goddess Tsukiyomi - the goddess of moon in Japan. Normally she is a male god but I like her and Amaterasu together as sisters much more xD I hope you like her as much as I do. I want do draw more of her and her sister in the next months.

This piece is available for all Seraphim+ Patrons for Term 6.

This and other upcoming beautiful paintings are waiting for you ;)

This is available for all Term 6, Seraphim+ rewards

It will send out in first week of August with the other rewards from Term 6.

It comes with

  • High res JPG
  • PSD-File
  • Brushes
  • Video process (for all Archangel Patrons)