[Gods of Wandrossa] Upcoming Godly Domains - game starts Monday, Feb 25

Hey all! Just letting you know that the game will officially starts Monday, February 25, 2019 at 12am CST when I post the very first CTA. Between now and then I should have the remaining Godly Domains cooked up as well as the stats for all of the locations in Wicked Maple Grove. Chance are, we'll be opening up The Drakecrags shortly after that, too, so that'll be something else to look forward to.

The Order of Release for the Godly Domains

The results are in! Here are the godly domains you can expect to come out soon. I have tomorrow off from my day job, so I should hammer out at least 2-3 of these now that I have a feel for their flow.

  • Trickery - Gods of trickery are the patrons of thieves, assassins, and illusionists.
  • Forge - Technology and the arts fall under the purview of the forge gods.
  • Grave - The Grave Gods are those who draw a line in the sand between the world of the living and the dead.
  • Tempest - Tempest Gods are gods of the storm and elemental fury. 
  • Death - The gods of death rule over the undead and the afterlife, bringing balance to life.
  • Light - Gods of light are deities of the sun, fire, and brightness, enemies of the dark.
  • Nature - The gods of nature preside over the natural world and its creations.
  • Knowledge - Gods of knowledge are worshipped by wizards, sages, and scholars.
  • Order - The gods of order believe in law, justice, and organization, and despise the forces of chaos.
  • War - War gods are gods of death and destruction who rule by the sword.
  • Life - Gods of life are the ultimate creators; with life, there is no death.

Start thinking about what sort of god that you want to be now. If you didn't already catch it, Gods of Arcana are already made. Expect there to be some adjustments between now and Monday the 25th, but overall that's the core design.

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