Hey guys! 

So I've finally written up and posted a GoFundMe page to get Bahama Star in the water. There is a LOT of work to be done including but not limited to:

-HULL/DECK. This is the most time consuming one. The entire boat needs to be sanded down and painted. This is an exhausting process and one that gets moreso if you want her to look SUPER nice, which I do. So it's about four passes with the sander before she takes paint. I will go topsides, bootstripe, deck and the very last thing is the bottom. I'm doing a hard bottom paint which needs to be slapped on the day before I put her in the water

.-Sole (cabin floor). This needs to be ripped out as there is rot in some of it. -Wiring. The whole boat is NOT wired. I have some books. I shall learn.

- Solar. To be self sufficient, which we cruiser sailors all try to be, an absolute must is solar panels. I can get by with two. They need to be mounted to the sides of the boat / stanchions. 

-Cushions. There are no cushions onboard for the vberth or the salon table. There's also a quarter berth but I haven't decided if I am going to turn that into storage space or not. I've ordered the fabric I want and that should be here in a couple days. Foam is expensive. It'll be a big project and one that will mean I can start sleeping on the boat. 

-Cabinets. I plan on turning half the vberth into storage, the other half will be my nest. This means I have to built up some sort of cabinet. 

-Head. Right now there is only a portapotty. I'd like to change that. 

-Anchor locker extension. The "anchor locker" that Star has now is quite shallow. There are also no rollers on the bow, which would require a whole new bow piece to mount them to (one anchor on either side).  

Those are the big ones. Besides that there is a lot to buy. Lifejackets, EPIRB, food, tools, bedding, stove, cookware - and whatever else crops up. Paint. Sandpaper. Etc. 

The owners want $3,000 for her. 

The way GoFundMe works, if you don't know, is that I get the money that is donated regardless of if I hit my goal. 

For anyone willing to chalk up $400 or more, I'm offering a week of free sailing - either livaboard with me and get the full experience or I can take you and a friend/love day sailing for up to a week. That's a hell of a deal. 

Check it out!