Going Monthly & What Else Is New?
Hello there my lovely Patrons! I just wanted to give a heads up on some changes afoot here at, uh.. Zack Soto Patreon HQ (?)

I'm going to be switching up the way things are done a bit. By popular request, I'm switching to a once a month charge system (instead of per-update).  I think some people were a bit put off by or confused by the per-update system, so I'm going to streamline it a bit. I'm also going to be spending a lot more time working on this Patreon model to make it better for you and better for me. 

What that means for you is a couple things. First off, I hope that if you were set up to do a certain amount of $$ per-update, and you were comfortable with or even happy to see multiple updates a month, you might go ahead and adjust your pledges accordingly. Most months I was making an average of 4 updates a month, so I hope that you might consider that when reorganizing your pledge. Every little bit helps.

The other change up is all the  EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!

In addition to the Secret Voice updates (which should be starting up again in July) on Studygroupcomics.com, I'll be running some Patreon-exclusive content here, only for my backers! For your monthly donation, you will receive access to:

- Secret Voice progress reports, process posts, notations, and of course notifications when the updates appear.

- A weekly blog post only for Patrons with sketchbook drawing roundups, behind the scenes *secrets*, and observations.

- Updates to Maps of the Unknown World, the science fiction series that is running as a back up in the print issues of Secret voice now. You'll find the first episode attached to this post as a PDF download. I won't be posting these for free on the Study Group site (other than the preview of Chapter 1 which is here: http://studygroupcomics.com/main/preview-maps-of-the-unknown-world-part-1-by-zack-soto/ )

- Short Stories! I'm going to start posting new short stories for my Patreon peeps. These will be for your eyes only, until they are collected somehow! I am not sure about the schedule on these, but if we can get the monthly $$ up to a certain level, I'll be able to do them more and more regularly.

- Higher tier Patrons will have access to original art rewards as well. Check out my profile for more info.

- Additionally: Patrons will get 10% off at the Study Group Store, for as long as they are supporting my campaign.

Check out my profile page for more information, including some concrete goals I've set, and I'll see you all soon. I'll probably be adjusting and adding to the site here and there, as I figure out cool new ideas to try out. See you soon!