Going To Be Blind in the Next 5yrs
So yesterday I went to my eye doctor in good spirits, that was until they did my exam and I got some devistating news. It appears even though the retnopathy is under control now my eyes are at even a greater risk. It appears that my vision has droped all the way down to 20/12000 from what the low vision specialist said. They said is what is happening is my eyes are becoming so light sensitive that my brain is basically telling my eyes not to work anymore and I guess more and more my eyes are listening. If this continues within the next 5 yrs there's a REALLY good chance I will go blind to the point to where I will only know if it is light or dark. I have to admit this fucking terrorfies me! 

They are saying there are only a couple things left that I can do to even attempt to save them and TBH unless blind services can cover them I am screwed. The following things would be WAY to expensive for me. I however don't have much faith in a state run agency to come through as they haven't been really to quick to help thus far as funding for programs for the blind get cut a LOT. It normally is one of the first things to get cut. So I am looking at my ultimate fate as I will probably be completely blind in the next 5yrs.

So I will have to get used to it and work twice as hard on my channel! That is until I can no longer do it. Sure I would love to continue to do it even after I go blind but truth be told, I don't make much money on YouTube and certainly not enoughto pay someone to help. I am going for broke next month though as a friend is giving me a GREAT deal on a DSLR camera that is made to make movies with ($500), It is going to come with many cinema lenses and extras. This way I can document my life until I just can't do it anymore. 

I also want to try to go to every VidCon till then as well and meet more faces until I can no longer see them as well. Because once the vision is gone completely I am not sure how I will feel or if I will even want to travel anymore and I will probably not have many subs or fans once I am no longer able to make videos. So I would love to meet everyone now. I am hoping I can earn enough to get all of this done though as my work has cut my hours,. I have tried making music videos for a living as well, but most people just don;t have the money or they just don't want to pay for it. 

I am not sure will my journey will go from here, but one thing is for sure "my life is not by anymeans boring"! It is always filled with something going on. Sadly here as of late it has been more unfortunate than fortunate, but it has been interesting none the less! ~Takedownman

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