Going to People's Non-Bindng Arbitration Tomorrow.
Martin Luther King Day 2016, no plans, no commitments. I'm in no position to complain. But, again, as my weekend melts away, waiting for a Tuesday to pretend to be a Monday, I'm still miffed by the often missing piece of Uqaqua's People's Non-Binding Arbitration. Beef

The sinew, the tissue, the fiber, the strings, the true fabric that the show desperately needs the oomph, the juice of conflict to raise stakes and its performers' performances. Conflict. Disparity. These things I hope to see this Monday, tomorrow, 18th of July, at the 25th edition of People's Non Binding Arbitration. 9pm. $5. Stage Werx (446 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103). I'll report back soon! 

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