Gold ink fabric and leather tests
As you can see from the photo, I test printed on a fair variety of leathers and fabrics earlier this week. The nice bright prints on black in the lower corner were both made by printing the screen multiple times to build up ink. From what I understand, this isn't unusual when printing on fabric. The two black patches on the edge of the photo are both the same heavy canvas, the upper printed only once, the lower, 3 times. All of the leather pieces were printed only once.

The best results on both the leather and the fabric occurred on smoother surfaces. I expected this since woods with wider grain gaps will have more uneven prints. The ink simply does not fill crevices. I chose to test the bumpy leathers anyway because it allowed me more color comparisons, and you never know when a variation might actually look rather interesting.

The better prints shown here really are stunning right now, but the next step with all of the fabric tests will be washing them to see how the ink holds up. I'm not looking to get into printing t-shirts because my friends at Arkham Bazaar are already doing a fantastic job making t-shirts with my art, but if I decide to start making patches or tote bags, I want to know the inks to perform well.

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