A Golden Update! May "Nakano Broadway" Giveaway Revealed!

Greetings esteemed patrons,

How is everyone? We’ve got a few interesting bits of news for this week’s update. Let’s pounce on in, shall we?

First, we’d like to give a warm welcome to the new supporters that have sing up to our Patreon! Second, we’d also like to thank ANYONE/EVERYONE who have joined us at any point during these past five months. Your support means the world to us! Each day, the goal to improve Libra’s script and of funding our new Japanese visual novel series E-Gene draws closer. We hope you will continue to be part of this journey and enjoy where the adventure leads. Onward!

"Nakano Broadway" Giveaway!

Now that May is here, let's reveal the next bundle. This time we found some cool items from a few of Nakano Broadway's niche shops. If you ever come to Tokyo, you definitely need to check this place out! You could spend weeks in there hunting high and low for almost anything anime, game, or manga related that you can imagine. 


COMIC YURI-HIME, JUSTICE FOR GIRLS: June 2018; 20+ comics; 580+ pages; Japanese. 

CAT POWDER, THE [email protected] FAN BOOK: R18 Nylon 100%; sealed in clear plastic. Japanese.

REM, RE:ZERO Rubber Strap: Outfit: bikini; Height: about 6cm; sealed in clear plastic.

HATSUNE MIKU, Dancing All Night Campaign, Clear File/Folder: You can insert papers (if you wish). Art on front and back. Sealed in clear plastic. Says "Not For Sale" on back. LOL!

SHINONOME KOMOMO, TIME LEAP PARADISE (Front Wing VN) Telephone Card: Sealed in clear plastic. Pretty interesting find.

ANDROID No.18, DBZ Mini Figure: Height: about 5cm; Material: PVC & ABS; Brand; Bandai

DENGEKI MOEOH Magazine: June 2018, sealed in shrink wrap. Japanese. BONUS: Inserted into the magazine is artwork of the two cute girls featured in the bottom-left hand corner of the magazine's cover, Miyu and Mitsuki. Looks great! Sealed in plastic.We also have a Crayon Shinchan postcard which can be included upon request. ^_^

HOW TO WIN! **********To be entered for a chance to win this bundle, support us at the "Once Bitten" reward tier or higher this May. The "Once Bitten!" tier ensures your name will be added 1X  to the drawing pool. For more information, please see our reward tier descriptions. Good luck and thank you for supporting the Japanese artists and game makers! ********** 

Libra Script Improvements: The Latest

As mentioned in a previous update, the second editing pass on Libra’s Main and Mari routes are complete. Professional translation company LoveLab is currently handling the difficult passages that we and our dedicated team of volunteers could not solve. By the way, we would also like to thank LoveLab for translating E-Gene's game description for us!

Last but not least, a massive arigatou to our volunteers Emiri, Iarumas, NDarkstar, and Hexxellor! <3

Now, onto some cool news about rewards shipping...

March Rewards

If you supported us during March, your rewards are shipping today. For patrons in select tiers, this will also include Libra’s first two trading cards: Shuma Kusanagi, and Shuma’s Ring. We hope you enjoy. New cards are in production, so stay tuned. ^_^

Japan Adventures with James: Golden Week

Right now it's Golden Week in Japan! A cluster of holidays from April 29th-May 5th comprise this week, making it the longest period of vacation time in the year for many workers. As you can imagine, many hot-spots and points of interest throughout the country are visited and enjoyed. This week James spent a day in famous Kamakura and would love to personally share this experience (plus pics). Take it away, James!

This year, I kicked off Golden Week by taking a day trip down to Kamakura and visiting a few of the beautiful shrines and temples. If you're ever visiting Tokyo, I highly recommend going down there, especially if you enjoy landscape and nature photography. One of the places I visited was Engakuji Temple. You can read about it here: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3103.html

It was my first time visiting, although the reason I went wasn't so deep... I ended up down there because of Game of Thrones actually! I had just finished watching Episodes 5 and 6 of Season 7 (don't spoil what happens in the last episode!) and watching Khaleesi finally let her dragons toast some marshmallows had me pretty pumped up about dragons. 

I started researching dragons in Japan and came across the Engakuji Temple. I took some photos for our patrons while I was there, so if you like Japanese temples or if you're in to dragons, feel free to use these as wallpapers on your desktop or mobile devices. And yes, one of the images you'll see is of a guy shooting a light beam out of his finger at some dragons fighting in the sky. Is that not the coolest thing ever? Please enjoy, and thanks for supporting us on Patreon!

-- James 

That wraps up this week's update. As always, thank you for your continued support!

See you next week,

MiKandi Japan

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