[IMG=I4W] CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I have drawn a goldfinch in 3 styles, it has taken 3 days from sketch to painting and I am so happy with the result. [IMG=Y5Y] The centre painting is in my own style. A style I have been perfecting over the past couple of months. I have drawn inspiration from so many places it's hard to narrow it down. But I have tried and picked to watercolourists who create unique work. [IMG=K9P] Tim burton has such an incredible style. I love the elongated limbs and big eyes of his characters combined with the limited colour palette. Colour palettes for me are about being vibrant and for my background alone I used about 5 shades. It's really interesting to see someone create so much in so few colours. [IMG=N6I] Quentin Blake is an artist I grew up with. Though not everyone may know his name (especially as a young kid reading the books I never looked) everyone can recognise his style. He reminds me of my childhood and so I wanted to try his style. I don't think I captured either style like the artists. But I think it reflects their styles and adds a little something of me to the mix, which is how we grow as artists. My commissions are open. Please support me at #bird #watercolour #watercolor #InspirationChallenge #timburton #quentinblake #goldfinch