Goldfish, The 700 Club, Bad Life Decision, and Nicholas Cage (or, All Because of Snack Crackers)
This week, A ten-year-old goldfish named George gets life-saving surgery, Mackey teaches Jakob to dance, Kyle goes to rehab, Jakob destroys Mackey’s innocence, Kyle’s biggest secret gets let out, and Jakob turns to the internet for advice.

Also on this episode: Batman’s real secret identity is out, Kyle singlehandedly keeps the skinny jeans industry alive, Mackey and Jakob discover they really are related, the team fundraises their hardest, and Jakob renders his best poorly-disguised impression of Pawn Stars.

P.S. We’ve come to the conclusion that the poor audio quality is due to the fact that we have really crappy mics. SO, if you want insider content, pictures of sliced bread, better audio quality, better content than just Jakob and Mackey firing shots at Kyle’s life, and access to Jakob’s personal collection of photoshopped Nicholas Cage pictures - donate now! We were serious about it. Like really. Mackey’s getting really sick of ramen.