Gomu Girl leaps into Action!
       Presenting the amazing Gomu Girl! She is my OC superhero I dream of turning into an animation one day! Her real name is Rachel Yashimoto, but she goes by the name Gomu Girl to fight crime. She can stretch, shape shift, and change her size at will! She is brave, and fearless in the heat of the battl. One aspect of her is that she can be very mischievous when it comes to pulling tricks on her enemies like taking the shape of unsespeciting items or people. She can have sometimes an inflated ego of herself, but she uses that for the confidence she needs to save the day!

        She has help from her best friends named Austin, Patrick, and Jamilla. Austin Is Rachel's closet friend. That uses his complex computer skills to help Gomu Girl by being her "eye in the sky". Patrick is a fashion expert and designer that helps Gomu Girl look "fabulous" with his creativity in fashion. Jamilla is Gomu Girl's "Lois Lane" she gets the story from Gomu Girl and makes stories in the newspaper company she works for. Professor Yashimoto (her worldly famous scientist grandfather) helps out with the science in her suit/gadgets as she learns how to master her amazing abilities! Speaking of which Gomu Girl knows various forms of martial arts thank to her uncle she lives with in california. come and enter the world of Gomu Girl!