The good and the not so good: Patreon Fees and Scavenger Announcement
Hello Patrons! I've got some good news and some not so good news. Let's start with the not so good news. It has come to my attention that some changes are being made to Patreon effective on the 18th of this month. 

Patreon is going to be charging me a flat 5% of the pledges and adding a fee of 2.9% + $0.35 to patrons. 

I don't like this, not at all, I'd rather be eating the fees instead of you. 

So, to mitigate this I want to offer you more. More games. 

Announcing: The Scavenger Saga

The Scavenger Saga will be an open world game available only to members of this Patreon. Every member at every pledge level will get 1 Scavenger 2 hour game to learn about and experience the world. In addition, all members at the $10 level and above will have the opportunity to play in open world Scavenger games (subject to availability).

SO, what is Scavenger? Scavenger is a setting for 5th edition. From the mind and artistic skills of Alexandru Negoita (a video game art industry veteran with Electronic Arts, Gameloft, & King), Scavenger is a beautifully illustrated artbook and campaign setting for 5th edition set in a ravaged world with a gateway to other dimensions. 

Alexandru and I met after I saw his amazing art, he mentioned that he wanted to create this world in art and needed someone to write it. We struck an agreement and I am taking the lead on designing the world setting and 5th edition rules for it. Alexandru has agreed to let us use the setting in an open world campaign to flesh it out and let you, my patrons inflict change upon the world in a way not seen before. 

How will this work? Essentially we'll create a small "west-marches" style game where the players lead the action and follow the plots they want to explore. There will be intrigue in the city-state of Raddak and exploration in the alien Relic. 

Who can play? All patrons will get a taste of this game when they first sign up and then patrons of $10+ will have the opportunity to play up to 4 hours of content a month as seats are available.

Who will be DMing? I will be running some of these games, two 3-4 hour games per month, but we'll need more than myself to handle all of the players. I need help from you, my patrons, to step up and DM. Not only will you be DMing, but you'll be contributing to the campaign and the setting as a whole. For each hour of game time run you'll get an hour of game time to play in any Patreon game be they my AO's/LostTales/AL Campaigns/DarkSun or Scavenger games. Time spent outside of DMing (such as organizing the campaign) will also net you play hours. I've already been talking with Tadd (a patron) and he's agreed to help and DM. If you're interested, please shoot me a message through Discord or Patreon. If you haven't run games on Fantasy Grounds before, don't worry, I'll have some how to sessions and slot 0 games for you as a DM.

When/how will these games happen? These games will start in January, the effective day for the patron changes for this patreon since we charge monthly. All games will be played on Fantasy Grounds.

How can I learn more about Scavenger? You can follow Scavenger on social media and if you're a patron of mine you'll get exclusive details in Patron only posts (the first will be posted today).