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Good Guy Godzilla
since Patreon doesnt hadle animated Gifs so well you can go see it at my site or download it so my thoughts Here's my short review of Godzilla.: its like having intercourse with your partner, but your partner teases you by stopping just when you're close to climaxing, and this happens two more times, but when you finally hit your orgasm, it feels so much better cause of that teasing before. so that's this film in a nutshell. and boy did i sploodge all over it. its so good, but i can see how many people will not like it. the refreshing thing about it, is how deliberate it is with its pacing and restraint of action, which creates a nice escalating narrative. As opposed to the most recent trend of action movies, like the Transformers movies. i mean if you seen one Transformer you basically seen them all. and in the theater the show the latest trailer for the new Transformers movie, and my reaction was "meh". I was tired of that type of action by the second one and this just seem more of the same. So seeing how well crafted Godzilla was, i appreciated even more. but i know its not perfect , the human element needed some better development. they're more like a vehicle for the audience but they could have been more entertaining. I would also recommend it you see it on IMAX, more for the sounds than the image. when Godzilla Roars you can really feel it. i felt in my chest and even sunk into my seat, i could also swear i felt the wind in my face. i squeal like a little girl and several spots. so good.
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