Good Ideas For Giving Tuesday!

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Hi friends!

It's giving Tuesday tomorrow, which in one of the modern holidays I can *totally get behind.

*Also but don't forget that the non-profit industrial complex is basically a money laundering scheme to make it easy for wealthy folks to keep their money in foundations and trusts to they can dodge paying taxes for the common wealth and direct money toward narrow interests that disproportionately benefit white wealthy non-disabled people

..Almost totally. If done properly.



So here you go, a list of organizations and movements I've directed a portion of our patreon contributions toward this year, in accordance with my accountability guidelines (TL;DR - by doing this work and making an income, I profit off the existence of oppression so it's my job to direct funds to #OwnVoices educators and organizations to dismantle it alongside me, and to those whose work I benefit from).

Also but but but PLEASE DO NOT MISTAKE the fact that I contribute with the idea that I am raking in the cash with plenty to spare. I do not. I *might* break minimum wage this year, but it's unlikely. 

Contributions are made in the spirit of practicing what we preach while we learn about decolonizing, destigmatizing disability interdependence, and radical social justice while we practice the concepts behind potlaches, Ujamaa, and ideas of cooperative economics.

I give not because I can afford it - but because in doing this work for a better future, we can't afford not to.

Late November 2018 - Early November 2019 Contributions

(Contributions made since our last Giving Tuesday Post)


Advocacy for disability rights


Civil liberties & justice

Adamma A. Ison Family Fundraiser

Emergency medical support for a family who can’t afford care. I normally don't do personal funds, but it's in honor of Carly MH, who helped me with the Decolonizing Childhood Coalition project this summer :)

Disability Visibility Project

Via Alice Wong on Patreon:

Advocacy for disability rights & representation

Autism Women & Nonbinary Network

Micro grants for autistic women & nonbinary people in need of support

Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective

Creating transformative justice responses to child sexual abuse. I've been using a lot of the structures they've created around pod communities to inform our discussions in the LBT this year.

Hold The Line

Via Bellamy Shoffner on Patreon:

Social equity support for parents and educators

Black Girl in Maine (Shay Stewart-Bouley)

Anti-Racism educator

The Broke-Ass Transwoman (Name soon to be updated to: Pomegranate, a Trans Blog)

Via Patreon:

Writer on transmisia & misogynoir. Full transparency for nepotism, this is my sister. She is awesome and her work is important.

Movimiento Cosecha

Advocacy for immigrant rights

Our local school PTO & A nearby underfunded school PTO

Classroom supplies for students because our broken system won't allow tax dollars to pay for school computers and necessary curriculum supplies. Support your local public schools, folks! 

And then match that donation for a student in a local school in an area with a lower household median income. Conservative nincompoopery works around equity funding to ensure that schools with white, wealthy families can use private donations for things like school library books, computers, and basketballs, which makes it hard for underfunded schools to apply for tax-based support for the same things. 

Rowan of Crossknit

Time-saving services. Normally money shouldn't flow toward whiteness, but I’ve used this white-whisperer link as a quick resource to collect white & allistic nonsense a handful of times over the years, so I bought her a few coffees in thanks for saving me that time and emotional labor.

Families Belong Together

Support for immigrant families

First Light Foundation

Wampanoag educator, Annawon Weeden, whom I sponsored to come educate local families about the real history of Thanksgiving & colonization.

HEARD (Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities)

Advocacy for the rights of Deaf people targeted by police violence and the prison pipeline, in honor of my friend KC, the soul behind Intersected & The Autism Wars, and #AutisticWhileBlack, and also a good mom who supports and upholds other Autistic people and particularly Autistic parents of color while raising neurodivergent kiddos.

Immigrant Families Together

Support for immigrant families, in coordination with The Decolonizing Childhood Coalition, spearheaded by Wee The People this summer, in coordination with our Immigrant Solidarity Toolkit. 

International Indigenous Youth Council

Redirected 50% of this month’s venmo donations for photocopies to this organization run by and for indigenous youth for self-advocacy, in honor of our Dean of Rebellious Educators, April B. who collaborated with me on our Student Ignition Society Immigrant Solidarity Toolkit. 

Karam Foundation

Refugee relief & support, in honor of my bud Monica R., who knows lots of stuff about body sovereignty and whose work helps our members cultivate a culture of consent with our kids

Latimer Family Fundraiser

Personal fundraiser to help an Indigenous LGBQTiA2S+ family with disabilities make ends meet while getting through a SSI glitch. Again, normally I don't do personal funds, but this person has been a supportive member of the BIPOC autistic community and has personally helped me learn about and navigate discrimination in the IEP process for neurodiverse kids in public schools. 

Liberation library (Chicago Freedom School)

Providing books to youth in prison

Lydia X.Z. Brown

via Patreon:

Social Justice Advocacy & Neurodiversity rights leader

Morénike Onaiwu

Support for a Black disabled adoptive family for leader of the Neurodiversity movement who is about to lose her family home. She gets attacked on the reg, for everything pertaining to existing, and we should support her right to be.

National Network of Abortion Funds

Healthcare & reproductive rights

Planned Parenthood

Healthcare & reproductive rights


Refugee & Immigrant legal assistance

Ramp Your Voice

Via Patreon:

Disability advocacy for women of color, with a focus on Black women with disabilities.

Resistbot & 5 Calls


Paying for services - both of these make referencing legislation & contacting my reps an easy part of my morning routine 

Mass Bail Out

Bail funds to end wealth-based detention

Seeding Sovereignty

Indigenous Advocacy

Tamika Olszewski Election Committee

Local school committee member (now serving), whose opposition promotes Islamophobia and whitewashing school curriculum and promotes funding equity and racial justice within our city schools

UAINE (United American Indians of New England)

Indigenous advocacy

Wee Free Black Mamas

Bail funds to end wealth-based detention of Black Mothers, in coordination with Wee The People 

Wôpanaâk Language Reclamation Project

Redirected 50% of this month’s venmo donations for photocopies to the WLRP run by and for Wampanoag members to reclaim language lost through violence, land theft, and forced assimilation.

Interested in the Raising Luminaries history of financial contributions? More links:

Coming in 2020

I'll be following this up with real details in a post in February-April-ish, or whenever I get the time to properly go through my budget. There, I'll fill you in with details and totals about how much money we pulled in to support RL, and where it all ended up.

It's like all of the fun of processing spreadsheet calculations and making sankey graphs without any of the benefits of registering as a non-profit! Because non-profits are for wealthy folks with lots of time and money to learn how to be nonprofits!

- A

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