I have been doing creative projects for some time now. And with everything I create there is one single goal:  Creating a better world". Making people aware that we are sharing a planet and that we are part of a great network. We influence eachother and our surroundings. This might seem a bit dreamy or vague, but in short: "I try to teach people to be in tune with nature.

We live in a society that is built with grey stones and tall buildings. Hardly any place for nature and green, matter of fact, we ban nature for our own "comfort". At the same time we are destroying our natural habitat, imprisoning ourselves. This is not the fault of any government, company or institution. It's ours as individuals and as a collective because most of us, and i admit to this too, won't change anything.

What I feel is, we are hostages of our own economic system. And I want to break free, and help others break free. I have often asked myself "at what cost can we live without money?" And on Patreon you will see my struggle, my journey and my attempt to break free from the chains and make the world a bit better. Because that is my goal. And if I can do it, i will teach you how you can do it too, and will help you through blogs, inforgraphics and videos. Any way i can think of to inspire and motivate you.

And that is a win win situation, creating a better karma.

Thank you for reading, I am humbled.