Good Karma Time!
Last year instead of gifts for family and friends I bought a stack of $5 Subway giftcards and gave them out to the homeless in their name.  I felt this was a much more meaningful gift and the world needs more goodwill and less stuff.  I have decided to do the same this year, except I am including you, my patrons.

How it works: For every current patron between now and the end of January, I will be buyin' a $5 Subway giftcard to give  not just to the homeless, but anyone I find deserving. You know, that person you see goin' above and beyond in their job even when the boss isn't looking and people who are doin' the right thing just for the sake of doin' the right thing and people in jobs of service who are helpin' others with a cheerful attitude.  So we will be helping the needy and rewarding the good and I will be sharing with you when I deliver the cards throughout the year.  Plus, many karma points for you! After this last year, I think we could all do with some good karma goin' into 2017, don't you? ;) 

Pledge whatever amount you like. If you pledge $1 for only one  month I will still buy a $5 giftcard in your name.  I do hope that within the month you will see the benefit of being a patron of the arts and stay, but you have no obligation to do so.  I just want to start out the year spreading some love and want to include you. <3



PS- Please share this post with any you think would be interested in joinin' us spread love, joy, and beauty in the world! <3