Good Morning Everyone!
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all a big thank you to my first patrons support after launching my Patreon campaign yesterday afternoon.

I've decided to do daily updates to the campaign as this is monthly funding not per creation. As a patron, your basically my employer and if you were someone's boss you'd wonder what your employee was doing all day wouldn't you? 

After launching the Patreon campaign early afternoon, I spent some time shooting a Vlog for Star Wars:The Force awakens discussion. Then after that it was straight to Twitch for Monday's livestream. 

I've been doing a warm-up game of One Finger Death Punch on Monday's. After that I played the 4th episode of Minecraft Story Mode and finished it off with playing some of our current run of Final Fantasy VI. 

Looking over the Star Wars vlog last night in editing I didn't feel "happy" on where it was so I decided to re-shoot some of it this week for release later in the week. 

Today I'll be recording the next episode of our Long Dark Series, Ep-109. The series has been going on for over a year now and it pretty well known. 

After that I'll be doing the next episode of our Fallout 3 Let's play with our villain "Mad"Jack Underfoot. Had a small break in between episodes as Fallout 4 had come out and our time was taken up with the new series. 

As with Fallout 3 and windows 10+mods, it does take a while to record these as sometimes it runs smooth and sometimes it runs like bantha poodo. 

If time permits I'll also shoot another episode of our Let's Play Fallout 4 heroine on the second channel which is primarily an all luck build. 

After that it's straight to our Tuesday livestream on Twitch of The Long Dark for 5 hours and then to edit all of today's work and get it out and I'll start working on the template for our Patron credits for Youtube. 

Hope you all have an excellent day and I'll report again tomorrow!