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Good Morning! er...almost
Hi all!

Well, I had planned to have it up this morning, but anyway, here is my Debbie Reynolds Tribute. 

We haven't done a live shoot in a while & it felt appropriate for the spirit of the material. So, after 10 takes (haha) I finally settled on this one... Take #8 to be exact. 

Frankly, recording live is so much more nerve wracking & we/I was so focused on getting just the perfect take, I had to finally let go of that & just enjoy the music. So, this is my "not-so-perfect" performance of 3 of my favorite songs sung by Debbie from Singin' in the Rain.

Thank You all for allowing me to share my music & passion with all of you and for all your fabulous suggestions.

So, MY next question is...Has anyone seen LaLa Land yet? ;)

Love & gratitude, Evynne

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