Good news everyone!
First off, sorry for the spam. It's been a crazy few days and I've just been trying to keep it together but, it's all good crazy!

TL;DR - So, I had the ECCC thing happen, got the invite, accepted, got the final approval, I'm going, waiting on final approval ON MY BIRTHDAY, at 10:55PM! So it still counts.

That was wicked awesome news but, it doesn't stop there. I went to go have b-day lunch with my mum which was wonderfully pleasant but, after we went to the tire place where I bought my tires last. The reason is, my tires got slashed around November for no real good reason. To make a short story of it, some punk kids had a disagreement with two of my roommates, decided to come at the dead of night, slash everyones tires EXCEPT the people they had the disagreement with. Fast forward to my b-day, I'm at the shop talking to the dude and he says that they'll use the warranty for the tires to replace them despite the warranty not being for vandalism. FREAKING AMAZING! That's around $800 that I don't have that I don't have to spend.

Those two gifts alone set the bar pretty darn high for crazy b-day stuff. Then the rest of the day was pleasant. Hung out with family and friends, watched Jumanji (really good by the way) and had a lovely time.

Hoping to keep this new content truck rolling and dishing out the love. Publishing the 3rd video tonight about Blender and then next will be about setting up a proper project folder. Possibly going to be able to stream soon, just waiting on a roommate to move out and then I'll be able to take that room, get a good enough signal to stream time to time and work on that.

2017 sucked really bad but, I'd say in the first month, this last week even, has been so lovely that it entirely makes up for it. Here's for the rest of 2018 being crazy awesome.

Thank you all for continuing to support me, I love you all.

Take care :)