Good News, Everybody!
Welcome aboard to Daniel and, er, Thyatira. Glad to have you with us. For those of you who are new-new or semi-new, the next to last Creation ("World's Messiest Dropbox") grants access to all sorts of fiction currently lost to the rest of the Internet. Catching you up with what's going on... after two "burn it down and salt the earth" moments, I'm most of the way done with Wand of Uru #5 and have 5.5k done for #6. That's the chapter where I split an existing one in half and added (major) intermediate events, hence having so much done on the next chapter. I'm also going to do a Peggy/Natasha short series that will be set in the past of Red, White, and Blue that is loosely based on - but obviously deviates from - Agent Carter. After all, it's Femslash February. Need to get some of that in. The monthly bust art is chugging along: three of the four have been pencilled with the last in a holding pattern because... next week, I'm spending two days in Boston with the girls who inspired Altaira and Tracey. We're going to do a shoot with them as a teen Emma Frost and Jean Grey, set in and around the neighborhood Emma grew up in. Lexi has promised to color Altaira's bust with that girl, who wants to be a graphic artist when she finishes school, and will likewise draw Tracey that night using the girl in question as a model/muse. I might be able to rig up Wirecast to record the entire thing: her drawing from her Cintiq, the girls' presence using my phone as a remote camera, et cetera. After those two chapters of Wand of Uru and the Peggy/Natasha stuff? I'll be doing a bit of scripting for Tales From the Hive with Lexi (she's hoping to do a page or two of the first issue this month), and then more Ex Astris Gloria. Possibly the first chapter or two of Trigamy: Sapphic Edition.