Good news, everyone!
Two big announcements to make today!

First, we've been hinting at it for a while and now we are excited to announce TMS Patreon Rewards 2.0!  We've had the old rewards since launch and it felt like it was time to freshen things up.  The anchor of Rewards 2.0 are the all new TMS Collectible Cards.  Each month, Scott will create a new trading card that reflects the world of TMS.  The first card will feature everyone's favorite mobster goose, Mendoza.  Each card will feature the same card back design with a new front each month.  You can see the sweet card back at the top of this post.  Watch for a post July 1st to show you the first card art.  Other rewards will be tied to the card art including avatars and prints--see below for more about all the new levels.

The second announcement we want to tell you about is the TMS Membership card.  Originally we were going to announce the new mandatory TMS Membership Tattoo  for all patrons but after much discussion decided the logistics were going to cut way into our Overwatch time.  Instead we have decided to give all backers at the $3 level and above their very own special 3x5 membership card! The cards will start shipping in July to all current backers and will ship when all other rewards ship after each month closes.  You will need to provide your address to get your card so we are turning on the "address required" option for all levels that get a membership card so be sure to check your profile and make sure we have yours.

And now for the rest of the reward levels:

$1 - Our thanks and access to Patron only posts

$3 (new level) - The TMS Membership Card--and everyone who pledges at levels above will receive the membership card too

$5 - Access to the TMS Goodies - MP3s of your favorite TMS sound bites!

$10 (new level) -  A digital avatar of the monthly TMS trading card

$20 - The TMS Monthly Trading Card. Collect them all!

$30 (new level) - Signed 8x12 print of the TMS Monthly Trading Card

$35 - The Morning Brew level

$60 (new level) - access to a new private Slack channel only open to $60 backers, Scott and Brian plus the trading card, print and coffee from the other levels

New levels start immediately.  Because of the changes, some of you will be moved to a "No Level Selected" status and some of you may want to switch to a new level so everyone should check your profile to make sure you are in the right spot.  If you don't make a new selection before we ship the rewards in July, you will receive the reward for the level closest to your pledge and we will remind you make a selection before August.

We hope everyone will be as excited about the Rewards 2.0 and the TMS Membership card as we are.  Don't forget to login and check your profile to make sure we have your address (and that is correct) if you have a membership card coming your way and make sure you select the reward level you want.

As always THANK YOU to each and every one of you (and your scooters) for your support of the show!

Scott and Brian

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