We are turning the basement of my house into a studio...like a real studio studio, no more just standing in my room haha. I took almost all my wedding money and my in-laws chipped in too. So right now we're in phase 2, and that's breaking down and moving out most things and putting up panels and such. We have soundproofed it already to the outside. Now it's all about making it acoustically great.

Also bought a cinema light box for some visuals, some hanging shelves 

AND 2 special box lights. SO yeah, thank you guys for your patreon patronage this month cause it's majorly needed. I have to still buy a monitor to take down there. Basically I'll be doing Video Editing and Arranging from up here and recording down there. Also bought a new audio interface since my current one is broken and gives me over 15s delay. I invested a lot into the project this month and you should be able to see and hear those investments in 2-3 weeks, so hang on folks. Thanks for the love and support and see you all soon!