The good news and the Bad News
The good news! I'm nearly done Magician, maybe 5 more chapters, maybe three depends on how long the chapters are. So next week tier 3 will probably get the entire thing, the entire story will be done. 

Also My desk arrived, it took three hours to set up but it's here! And I can write. 

The Bad News is that I've been focusing solely on Magician to get it done and I think I'm going to need a breather. If only so I can take a look at Family Portrait, I can start looking at other fics that need my attention, I'm running out of buffers. All the other stories that get new updates, I stopped writing them so what you're just getting is chapters I've already written. I also started school again, so I'm getting used to the whole studying thing and time management so I need sometime to adjust so give me two weeks after Magician is done to write some more chapters take a good hard look at Family portrait, work on XXX and hellfire, and everything else. Updates as usual this week and next week. Hopefully Magician will be done and I can take a breather.