Good News-Bad News
Sorry, the Cricut Mystery Box was suppose to be released today. It has been postponed. I am telling you this as in Social Media I have announced I will be doing a reveal video. Good News- I have already Uploaded it! Bad news- I can't share it! Bad News- I included the dates it is available, I have to edit the video again. Good News- I created 13 projects to share with images in the Mystery Box. Bad News- I can't share them yet. Good News- I did another video with tutorial for a pop up card I made with contents of Mystery Box. Bad News- I can't share that either.  Bad News- I spent 5 days preparing for this creating the videos and projects Good News- I will start on other projects I created until the Mystery Box is out. 

I will post everything when it is released, I was so excited for this box, it's all digital and all new images.