Good news! Brakes will be done!
Even though we didn't hit the Patreon goal of $400 a month I DID get enough work from the website testing that I do to actually afford getting those done. I'm even scheduled to go in and get them done to my next long haul monthly shopping trip up to Medford. This means that I'll not have to worry as much going down over the pass both coming and going over the Siskiyous.

This, obviously, is a huge thing off of my mind. I'll be making sure my camcorder is charged up and starting on the video tour of McCloud this month. Fall is a great month to do this, although we've missed the Apple Festival. I'll just have to check the community boards and see what the next town shindig is so that I can try to include it.

I will need to think about what new project to put in at the $400 a month goal slot. I am considering using that to help send Illya Leonov a stipend for the books he's recorded for me in the past or toward the next story for him to record when he get time in his schedule for the other audiobook projects. If anyone has any other ideas though please feel free to comment with them.