GOOD NEWS everyone! funding situation resolved, reward letters will go out this afternoon
what it says on the label!

patreon fixed the issue, or at least got me my missing funds. so i can begin to send out letters.

some people might wonder why i have to do that. it's actually relatively simple, haha. i run through about 2-3 brushpens every month doing rewards. and until i have my $$, i can't buy new ones! the more ragged a brushpen tip gets, the less i can control it on paper. but now the situation is resolved.

i'll also begin sorting a Mail Call this week, but please remember that only patrons on the 20$ level are the ones who get stuff mailed unless we've already arranged to do so ahead of time. finding, trimming and sorting individual drawings is time consuming and i'd rather spend that time on artwork! i'm sure you'd rather i do that too, honestly :>

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