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Good Riddance
As I mentioned previously, this song is about feeling trapped by the person you once thought you should be. While it's always a good idea to have dreams, especially when you're young, what if the pursuit of those dreams is getting in the way of bigger, better dreams you have as an adult?

This song says goodbye to aspirations that should be memories, not anchors.

It's also quite possibly the best drum mix I've ever gotten from scratch. Seriously, I'm kinda proud of my abilities to wrangle fake drums, fake guitars, real vocals and real keys. With fake amps. Hopefully someday soon we'll have enough people supporting me here that I can take every one of these tracks into a real studio with real musicians.

In the mean time, let me know how this one makes you feel… you can probably tell, it was cathartic for me.

You can also download the song via Google Drive at:


As requested… 


Here lies the dreams that I had before

reminding me I should be more.

They're better broken on the floor.

Here lies an empty shell,

a prison made of just one cell.

Shut myself inside and

wonder why I'm trapped in hell.


I am not the only man

buried by his well-made plans,

a prisoner of his youth.

I'm tearing down the gilded cage–

the product of a younger age

–that once upon a time I knew.

Good riddance, I'm done with you.

Here lies the perfect plan,

the legend of the also-ran.

Ambitious towers made of sand.

Here stands a dedication

built upon the ruins of my aspirations.

An epitaph for procrastination.

Fear is a disease

and I'm the medication.