Good Things & Good Places
Hello fellow artists and art lovers!

I've been diligently getting my life in order for the last two months. The last several years have not been easy by any means; I've dealt with the sudden and untimely deaths of my mother, two sisters, family friends, relationships, and my mental health.

However, because of the love, support and encouragement of my online friends and comic community, I pulled through.

Good things are happening:

- I've cut my hours by 75% at The Day Job so I can return and focus on art and comics.

- I've invested in some new technology/equipment that has been increasing my productivity.

- I fixed my computer (it died several months ago,) and upgraded RAM to handle everything I throw at it

- I have a dedicated station now for music and recording production.

I have every intention of fulfilling my promises for those who donated to my previous GoFundMe campaign and I'm in a good place to do so.