Good to be Back!
Heya!  I've been somewhat offline for the last few weeks primarily because I've been working on a book cover and interior illustrations for a brand new Ashelon Novella.  It will be on sale soon and this will hopefully be the first novella of many.  Carolyn really worked her ass off and I think you guys will really enjoy it.  It should be out in print by the end of March!

In other news, we'll be at GalaxyFest this weekend.  This is a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Colorado Springs, CO.  I haven't been in a long time.  Last time I was there was several years ago with my band.  If any of you guys are in the area we'd LOVE to see you.  We'll have a booth and we'll also be on a couple of panels!

I'll be posting some of the interior art for Dien Vek in a few days - until then, please enjoy the cover.  Chat with you soon!

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