Not goodbye, hello! What's going on my friends? This is my very first post. Pretty exciting. I figured that I'd give a taste of a something small, completed, and written a while ago. It's a poem that I wrote when I was a little younger. I guess I can't say that it's a taste of what I'm capable of. Anyhow, enjoy!

A sweet hello graces your lips

An awkward wave;

Eyes burning into my soul.

Hold your breath

Fear is near as you take my hand in yours

Oh! My soul! loves and misses the soothing touch

Demanding your small amount of love.

The words drop off your tongue-

Love, dear- go on.

Retreating into the cold, dark abyss.

Reaching to find nothing to embrace

And the words I needed to say sealed away.

Your touch, my love, I so miss

I regret that I gave nothing in return.

You drew away, afraid of your cold touch

Letting a deafening, chilling goodbye leave those lips

Leaving me to care and mend my broken soul

I'm drowning as I am forced to repeat your words.