Goodbye, and Thank You.
When we started this show, it was an experiment. We barely knew each other. We'd wanted to work together on something for a long time. We wanted to do something different from our usual work, something that was interesting and new to us. "This show is a test," we said. "We'll just do it for a while and see what comes of it."

That was three years(!) and 600 episodes(!!!) ago. Over that time, we've shared our mutual love, curiosity, and terror about the world with each other and with all of you. We were on Best Of lists, we won awards, we recorded live shows around the country. 

You all found us and were kind enough to stick around. You supported us and created an amazing community of Concerned Citizens- we've chatted, we've hung out, we've played games together a few times (man, we wish we all had more time to play games). We've watched as the community of Concerned Citizens grew into something bigger than us- genuine pals online who care about each other, check in on each other, have even started creative projects with one another.

It has been wild, y'all. Just buckwild. 

That's why it is bittersweet to announce that we've decided to end the show. Our last episode will be on July 4th. You know, The Lord's Day. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but we think it's the right one. 

First of all: We're good. We like each other. We like you. We like the show. We're happy and healthy and all is well. We just feel like we've done everything we can with We Have Concerns. When you've done 600 episodes of something, you've covered most of the ground you're going to cover. We have chastised every bird and bad science writer. We have panicked quite enough about death on mic (but not quite enough to our therapists). 

Time and bandwidth have also become an issue. Your generosity as patrons, community members, and general supporters has been amazing and allowed us to continue for as long as we have, but career and family and, just, you know, LIFE have snuck up on us as they tend to do. Time marches on (another thing we're coming to terms with thanks to our therapists) and we've got to make hard decisions about how to best use it.

So how does this change everything? Well, don't worry- there isn't some giant switch we're flipping that makes We Have Concerns and the community disappear. Episodes are going to stay live. The website will stay up (as much as its ever stayed up). The Facebook  group and subreddit will continue running for as long as the community mods and admins there want to run them. (Honestly, the Facebook group is the only thing we like about Facebook as a whole, so we hope it continues for a long time)

The Discord will most likely be disappearing, as there's a lot of administrative stuff about it that hooks directly into Patreon. We encourage any of you to who would like to see it continue to create a new server on your own- if you do, let us know and we'll join it!

What does this mean for Patreon? Well, we ask that you DON'T disconnect/delete your pledge just yet. We still have early episodes, bonuses, and a final patron hangout to do. If you change your pledge now you'll miss out on that stuff. We'll also have a little something extra special for you all, too to say goodbye. NO ONE WILL BE CHARGED AT THE BEGINNING OF JULY. Consider all the July stuff a 'thank you' for your continued support.

If you're a Secret Mail patron, you probably saw our previous post about a mailing coming that will cover April/May/June. We've been putting together some fun 'farewell' stuff to thank you for your continued support and we'll mail that out in the next couple weeks. If you're not a Secret Mail patron, it's too late to sign up for the final mailing. We've taken the list of patrons as of today and will be using that as our final list, since we won't be collecting money in July. 

As far as future plans go, we don't have any yet. This definitely won't be the last time we work together, but we don't have something to annouce. You can still catch Jeff on the Filmcast, DLC, and his regular gaming streams. Anthony's on the Star Wars Show and his YouTube channel. We're also both on Twitter (@acarboni, @jeffcannata) and Instagram (@acarboni, @jeffcannata) if you want day-to-day updates on what we've got going on. We also encourage you to stay subscribed to WHC in your podcast apps as we'll drop any announcements we think you'll find relevant in there.

We want you to know that your support has meant the world to us. You Concerned Citizens have been a constant light in our lives since we started this thing and as we've always said, we literally couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you. We love you.

Don't trust birds. 

Anthony & Jeff


  • Nothing terrible has happened. We just feel like we've done everything we can with the show and no longer have the time or bandwidth to run it.
  • The last episode will air July 4th.
  • The last patron hangout will happen in July.
  • Don't cancel your Patreon- you will NOT be charged on July 1st, but we need patron info to send out final week's rewards, hangout links and Secret Mail
  • Secret Mail supporters will be getting a big package of Farewell WHC stuff that will cover April/May/June mailings. The Secret Mail list is LOCKED as of today- anyone who joins Secret Mail level from today on WILL NOT be included in the mailing; they will also NOT be charged at the beginning of next month.
  • The Facebook Group and subreddit will remain up as they are moderated by community members.
  • Episode archives will be staying live
  • The site will be staying live
  • We don't know about our next project together, but we have a bunch of other stuff we do right now that you might enjoy. Follow us on Twitter/YouTube/etc to keep up with us.
  • We love you and your support over the last four years has meant the world to us.
  • Seriously. This community is the reason we've kept doing the show as long as we have. 
  • Don't trust birds