"Goodbye Is Not Forever" - New Tablature
Greetings all!

This is a song that I wrote last year just before summer and played it as a morphing version of itself, trying to get a feel for how it should flow.  I locked in the A part and then continuously switched around progressions in the B part, listening and observing audiences, seeing what got the best response.  I'll be teaching it next week in Homosassa for the first time and figured I should probably go ahead and nail it down.

I take a very long time with tunes - don't know if that's good or bad, but sometimes, it seems like it takes months to go from head to finished product.  Anyway - here is a link to my performance of the piece on "Dulcimerica":


Now, this performance is on the baritone, and it's not *exactly* as tabbed out - this was from a Concert Window show in September and the paint, in my book, was still kinda wet, but you'll get the idea of how it moves and flows.  I think a good tune should always be just a little bit different each time you play it anyway.

There was a reason for writing this piece, which may be revealed at some point in time, but the tune has been used as a sort of musical eulogy when folks dear to my heart have passed.  Most notably, I performed this at the ODPC Funfest in Evart the week that Steve Ash died and dedicated it to him.  Whenever I get around to recording this and placing it on an album, it will remain so dedicated.

Also, welcome to my new patrons!  So happy that you've signed on - you've arrived in the midst of a veritable storm of music!  Thanks for being here!