Goodbye Patreon, Hello Substack (updated with more info!)

An update on my earlier email: read here for more information about these changes.


Your generosity has sustained me via Patreon for quite some time now. Since I began the mission last summer, I was surprised with how many internet friends (and strangers) would be willing to support my work with their hard-earned cash. I still am, frankly, that's why I keep writing my weekly newsletter. 

But the process for producing the content has changed in the months since. I now write my newsletter on a different platform, have a full-time job which restricts some of the original blogging you paid for, and I don't use these funds to pay for a computer server that, for example, runs my election forecasts in the background (until 2020, that is). The funds go entirely to support the writing on my blog/newsletter.

No matter; the platform that sends my newsletter out, Substack, has its own payment system. I'd prefer to consolidate all the work—writing and payment—under its banner. The only justification for keeping them separate was the theory that some of my blog supporters (via Patreon) did not read my newsletter (via Substack). That's not supported by the data, however, so I'm saying goodbye to Patreon. 

You can still support the newsletter by signing up for a paid subscription on Substack. Just follow this link and hit "Subscribe". 

However, I will not force you to change. All future payments via Patreon will continue unless you switch over. I've set the new price of supporting my work on Substack at the median cost that my Patrons paid: about $5 a month. Apologies, but that's the least the platform would allow me to charge. You can also consider the annual subscription, which is a almost dollar lower per month.

I hope you view this shift as a positive change—and a needed consolidation of the platforms I use—rather than a negative switch from the service you've received so far. It just seems unnecessary to keep the payment separated from the newsletter. 

What will change for you? If you've been receiving my email in your inbox each week, nothing is required. If not, I've automatically signed you up for the free version of the newsletter (which is the weekly email I've been sending out for a year now). Email distribution will remain as-is. It's only if you'd like to keep supporting my blogging/newslettering work—and I hope that you will!—and want to change that you'll need to go through the steps of subscribing via Substack. Of course, if you don't, you won't get the tasty subscribers-only content that I'm cooking up!. It's actually quite a bit easier than the one on Patreon, for what it's worth. But I am sad to lose the price flexibility; perhaps that will come later.

Thanks very much all, and I hope that you'll continue switching platforms, though I understand it is a bit much to ask. Hopefully, extra blog posts for subscribers will be enticing enough.


Follow this link and hit "Subscribe" to support my work on Substack. 

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