GOOGLE is in Violation of Section 230 and is in OPEN REBELLION to the Constitution!

Here friends, Sean here. 

I just sent the following message to my newest Patron, Scott, and then thought I really need to send this to all of you. 

First, I just want to thank you, because we are under full on assault.  

Today, YouTube entirely demonetized the Black Pigeon Speaks channel. And in my case, every single video I post is now immediately labeled "Not suitable for most advertisers" by YT. 

Google AND YouTube are in violation of Section 230 and they are actively involved in tortious interference by preventing our audiences - and new people - from finding the videos and interviews we post.  People like YOU are standing in the gap with us and helping to keep us in this FIGHT for the Republic, for truth and for REAL news.  I thank you for it.

Rep. Louie Gohmert knows what need to be done. Please watch the video from Epoch Times which I have linked above, and then call your Representatives in Congress and the Senate and politely demand that they defend our Bill of Rights, our First Amendment RIGHT to FREE SPEECH - and tell them to help put an end to the overt, quantifiable fascist and ILLEGAL censorship of Conservative and Libertarian voices on YouTube and across the internet.

One last thing.  Google is quite literally destroying the websites of truth sources across the internet.  Here's yet another example of Google overtly engaging in tortious interference, which is illegal.

Google Bans Mercola – Web Traffic Down 99%

Google buries Mercola in their latest search engine update

God bless.


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