Google "what are girls"
Do I need to make it explicit that this is a joke? Look, Ubisoft has every right to include or exclude whatever the heck they want in their game. I probably would be tired of giving them guff at this point if they had just come out and said "we didn't think of it." At least that would come down to clueless stupidity. But no, instead the company has tried to come up with an increasingly stupid series of explanations for why they couldn't model a girl, so I decided to work backward and assemble the most likely set of circumstances wherein that would be a plausible defense. The point here is that it's dumb and they should be ashamed of themselves. Since I am tired of being mad about this, I decided to be silly about it. I do hope it's entertaining; I had fun writing it, if for no other reason than to indulge my momentous amounts of snark here. I hope you enjoy it.
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