Gooooooood Morning! :D
It's a dreary, rainy morning here in the Mile High City as I get down to work! I have a gift for you all:  High resolution scan of an SD (Super-Deformed) Eve Sheridan, our lead character for Witches of Flame (Starting in a few months).  

This week we have some commission work which is on my plate and I have to get cracking on the Pummel (Art Fight club) entry, the topic is "Armageddon"... Which I'm not too terribly familiar with, but that's sort of the point of being in Pummel! :D And the "Normal mode" version of the above picture (Which you guys will get a copy of, naturally).   Also, there was a complete rewrite of the Tamerlane script (From a concept that I got while in Hawaii) that I'm going to have to hammer on a little this week and we continue writing on Witches of Flame. 

I'm also going to try to figure out how to do time lapse videos this week. Should be intriguing. :D  Here we go! :D