Gora Lavalier Microphone for Android and iPhone
Here we take a look at the Gora Lavalier Microphone. After reviewing the Kaizen Lav Mic, it's easy to see that the aesthetics are very similar. The sound quality of the Gora lav mic is, in my opinion better than the Kaizen lav mic.

I've been switching back and forth between a Kaizen lav mic and a Rode lav mic lately. The problem with the Rode is that the cable on it is very short so I have to use an external recording device. That means that I have to spend more time synchronizing everything in post production and that takes time. The Kaizen mic has a long cord, but I'm not as happy with the sound quality.

Luckily GORA asked me to review their microphone.

The GORA clip-on lav microphone has a cord that is nearly 6 feet long which means that I can plug directly into my camera and I don't have to worry about synching audio in post production. YAY!

The sound quality on the GORA clip-on lav mic is great once you get it positioned where you want and gives more flexibility than a shotgun or desktop microphone would. The GORA microphone does pick up a bit more ambient sound, but it's super easy to take that out in post production.

The GORA mic comes with a small carrying bag to help keep it from tangling when you've got it stored.

If you're looking for a lavalier microphone and you're on a budget you definitely can't go wrong with GORA.

You can purchase the GORA lav mic on Amazon:



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