Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Nathalie Chambers, Ken Boon, Christina Nikolic September 6, 20`17

In  the last days of last winter, long-time Saanich councillor, Vic Derman  died. Derman championed the conservation of the municipality’s dwindling  farm lands and agricultural heritage, and one of those he supported was  Madrona Farm in the Blenkinsop Valley.

Nathalie Chambers  farms at Madrona, and was the first to declare her intentions to run in  the by-election to fill Vic’s seat; an election scheduled for Saturday,  September 23rd.

Chambers  is an organic farmer, business owner, progressive community leader,  fundraiser, project manager, public speaker on biodiversity and local  food security, and author of the book, ‘Saving Farmland: The Fight for Real Food,‘.  She earned a diploma in Restoration Ecology at UVic, and has years of  experience in community planning, and issues management.

Nathalie Chambers in the first half.

And; the recent change of government in BC has opened the books on  the Site-C project, the 9-plus billion dollar mega-project in the  province’s Peace Country. It’s been highly contentious from the start,  and the exclusion of the BC Utilities Commission from the assessment  process was just one of the project’s many bones of contention. Now, the  BCUC is back in the picture, and has announced 11 community input sessions  to be held across the province as part of its review process, starting  Sept. 23, three days after the release of its preliminary report on the  proposed dam.

Ken Boon is a Peace River Valley farmer whose family farm was expropriated by BC Hydro for a Site-C connecting highway scheme. He’s also president of the Peace Valley Landowners Association, and has fought the dam from the beginning.

Ken Boon and the fighting the last dam on the Peace River in the second half.

And; Victoria gardening guru and green entrepreneur, Christina Nikolic  will join us at the bottom of the hour with Left Coast Events  highlights for the coming week. But first, Nathalie Chambers and a  Saanich election at the crossroads.

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