Goriya - D&D 5E
Ganon has many servants - power-mad Hylians, vile demons, and beasts born of foul magic.  Mercenaries and bandits also flock to his service, including the jackal-like goriya.  Once, the goriya were a desert people, rivals of the Gerudo nomads, and their mummified ancestors can still be found in the deepest desert tombs.  Today, they roam Hyrule's fringes in packs, preying upon the weak and exposed before fleeing back into the wilds to escape retribution.  Respecting strength and ruthlessness above all else, goriya often incorporate bokoblins, moblins, and lizalfos into their packs.  Other packs are led by powerful villains such as darknuts, lynels, or wizzrobes.  Both strong and nimble, goriya traditionally wield boomerangs in battle, appreciating their versatility.