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Gothic Lolitas
Long time, no post! You put too many balls in the air and sometimes it's easy to just let most of them fall. Patreon was one of those. To make up for my absence, here is the first of two Elegant Gothic Lolitas. This is from an EGL coloring book I did a series of pictures for. The book wasn't picked up by the particular "publisher" I was working with and all of the pictures sat in a folder, tucked away for safe keeping. I went through them last night and two were still nice enough to share. If a girl with an affection for bats doesn't suit you, it should be easy to digitally erase them and make a girl with a tattered over-skirt instead. Still to come this month (I'm not sure if it sends out emails with every post, so I don't want to spam by posting everything tonight): the other EGL, and possibly more of my Tenra Bansho Zero inspired sketches that I've done. I still have that sketch of the TBZ summoner taped to my lightbox, so she'll still be the next completely new inked drawing I do, though for inbox purposes, I probably won't post her until next month.
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