Government regulations make natural disasters worse!!!
Episode 875   Government regulations make natural disasters worse!!!

Ever wonder why when a natural disaster hit America, the outcome is so much worse than folks expect?  From hurricanes, to floods, to tornadoes, to wild fires, these natural disasters usually cause more destruction than they should.  There are two words that explain it all “government regulations”.

 With hurricanes and tornadoes most government regulations are feel good do nothing regulations, that don't save lives or property.  Building codes are usually way behind the times and bureaucracies can't keep up with new innovations.  Why because bureaucracies don't have any incentive to do so.  Insurance companies on the other hand who pay out massive claims have an incentive to keep up with cutting edge tech.  Nothing is 100% guaranteed to stop the damage, but new tech can defiantly minimize the amount!!!

 Damage from flooding is an altogether avoidable thing.  Again government regulations the subsidize flood insurance and allow folks to make bad choices is a bad thing.  How fool hardy is it to keep rebuilding homes and businesses in the same place they were when a flood destroyed them?  Or even better, towns or cities flood control causes harm up or down stream to towns and cities who don't have flood control, and wouldn't need it in the first place if not for flood control up or down stream!!!