Grab the Latest Edition!
Here you go, the February edition of HavokRPG. 

Technically this would be 1st edition 1.1 In honor of our presence at MAGFEST this coming weekend, we are releasing it completely free of charge. This will be revoked Monday, February 22nd.

As always, please consider supporting us! More support is identical to more and better content!

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Wow, thank you! That cash goes directly towards every single content drop we have. We really appreciate your support!
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Jesus, that's really amazing! You realize you doing this takes us a step closer to even more releases each month. As our milestones grow we'll be adding:

- two or more separate, illustrated campaigns per month, (around 300 a month mark)
- biweekly podcast (around 500 a month mark)
- monthly twitch stream (around 600 a month mark)
- a fully interactive app (looooong goal here, already designed, working on funding, around a 1000 a month or more mark)
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