My newest game review. More coming soon.
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Your support will be greatly appreciated and you will have an exclusive first look at all my things before anyone else


​I'll show you sneak peaks of things I'm working on. Be it videos, animations or art

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Hi-res Drawings:

​I'll give you an assortment and library of all the pictures I've drawn in its original resolution. ​

​Video Previews:

​I'll show you snippets of the things I'm working on and the occasional blooper that won't be released publicly

​Secret Video:

​I will send you a secret unlisted video of mine from the 500+ archive I have on Youtube​

​Shout outs:

​I'll shout you out at the end of my videos and have your name in the description for being a supporter

​Plus all above rewards​

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Monthly Commission:

​Feel free to request art and I will do it within the month for you

​Journal and Sketches:

​Access to scans of my sketch book which varies from drawings and ideas of certain things.

​Suggest a game:

​If there's a specific game that you'd like for me to review, suggest away


​For some of my videos I script them. I'll hold them in a folder for them for you to see the lack of professional structure I use

​Plus all above rewards

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Personal Videos:

​I'll record a personal video for you, be it something scripted for your content or just something random

​Printed Stickers:

​I'll send out personalized stickers of my previous drawings to you

​Raw files:

​This varies from editing files, like premiere (.prproj) and after effects(.aep), and art files, like sai (.sai) and photoshop (.psd)

​Plus all above rewards

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T shirts:

​I'll send you a shirt with an original design and/or art piece on it

​Asset Access:

​All the assets I use in my videos. From transition packs to sound effects


​An archive of everything I've ever done.

​Plus all above rewards

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